Santa Fe Trail Days
Held annually in June at
NRA Whittington Center
Raton, New Mexico


Silhouettes, conventional targets or novelty shoots, pistol, rifle, smoothbore, long range, up close, team, individuals, adults, juniors and more, there is always plenty of action, everyday.

Shooting is the main activity for most rendezvous. Here are some scenes at the firing line and a couple of novelty shoots. Also see range rules.

On the Firing Line On the Firing Line


Stake Shoot

Stake Shoot The object is to be the first to cut your stake in two.

There are a number of variations such as team size, (usually 1 to 3) and stake size (usually a 1x6, but I have heard of up to 4x4). Sometimes there are caliber restrictions and almost always a rule against multi-ball loads.


Mike Fink

Mike Fink Shoot Mike Fink Shoot
 The cups had water in them and you had to shoot the cup off with out breaking the balloon (hydraulics). As you progress the cups are filled higher with water thus making them harder to shoot off without hitting the water.

Pack Mule

All photos on this page courtesy of Shay Stone. If you have some more, we'd be delighted to get them.

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