A Pilgim's Guide to Buckskinning


Welcome Pilgrim,

Rendezvous has its own vocabulary. Some are traditional from the original 19th C. Rendezvous, others have been coined recently. Here are a few definitions.

  • Booshway — Boss. Said to derive from bourgeois.
  • Buckskinner — Person who regularly participates in Rendezvous.
  • Camp — Attendance figures are usually given in camps. Could be one person or an extended family.
  • Cap'n — Just me personally. Abbreviation for Captain.
  • Dog Soldier — Rendezvous police. Emphasis is given to the helpful part, but they are expected to enforce the rules as well. Typically marked with a red arm-band. If you need help, need information or have a complaint, look for a dog soldier.
  • Hivernautlit. "One who stayed the winter." Oldtimer or experienced buckskinner.
  • Hooter — Toilet, esp. rental chemical toilet.
  • Lodge — Shelter and by extention the entire camp — tent, awning, residents et al.
  • Pilgrim — Visitor or beginner.
  • Possible Bag — A bag for all your goods, . Could be a shoulder bag with his razor, cup, tobacco, tea or coffe, spare shirt, soap or anything possible. Could be a a large horse borne bag for trade goods, cooking gear or anything possible. Modern use frequently is a shooting bag.
  • Segundo — Second in charge, vice-booshway.
  • Tin Teepee — RV or travel trailer.

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