New Mexico Mountain Men

December Meeting

NM State Hawk and Knife
David LeMond has been looking into having this year's State Hawk and Knife Competition at Los Golondrinas. Don't believe that it's going to happen. The season for those folks doesn't really start until June and for a pre-season weekend, we would have to pay the on-site staff. Going to keep looking not only for a site, but perhaps some help in promoting the event as well.

Christmas Party


Pretty good time at the NMMM Christmas Party on the 6th. As usual, Tatonka outdid herself in hosting a great party - plenty of food, refreshment, and good company. Hands and his daughter made it up from the southern part of the state, while Many Scars and Doris journeyed south from the four-corners area. The atmosphere was just right for getting re-acquainted with old faces and meeting a new one or two. Always interesting to hear what folks are up to. Thanks for inviting us into your home Tatonka!

Storm Dancer passed around and spoke about four steel strikers she brought to the party. All four were original pieces made and used in the early 1800's. The strikers were either U-shaped or coffin-style and most of them had been made from a file. History is always interesting, especially from a true historian. Thank you Storm Dancer !

The Booshway managed to sneak a little business into the party. Pack Mule thanked the 2003 officers and councilors for their help last year and managed to get the whole group re-elected to serve in 2004. If you take a look at the list of council members, you'll notice a new name. Many Scars will be serving as a councilor this year. Pack Mule would like to see more participation from all of his councilors and officers this year in order to keep the Club strong and headed along the right path.

Ed addressed the need to continue to improve the ties between the NMMM and the NMBHGC. Participation and involvement seem to be the keys. This is true for all of the clubs in New Mexico. By working closely together, rendezvous and what it stands for will remain strong and alive not only here, but also hopefully in the entire Southwest. We'll see.

As a gesture of the Club's appreciation, member Singer has been awarded free membership for 2004. Singer donated over $500 to the NMMM this last year from the sale of his primitive camp gear. Thanks again!

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