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Wolf Trapper Memorial Rendezvous 2005

Wolf Trapper 2005
If you didn’t find yourself in the Lincoln National Forest this month, you probably missed this season’s WTMR for sure. Should’a made it. For Hoe Cradle Canyon, the weather was about as good as it gets – a little breezy, but not too bad. Right around twenty diehards dropped in for the doings and good times. For something to play at, we set up a 25 shot rifle trailwalk, 10 shot pistol trailwalk, a hawk and knife walk, one-tie-all-tie, a turkey shoot, and the third and final leg of the State Hawk and Knife Competition. Miss more than three on the rifle or pistol trailwalk, and you were out of it. Many Scars and Pack Mule had to throw for a Mulligan to break their tie on the hawk and knife walk, which incidentally was done around a hard old log drug into camp two years ago. We faced a few spots and marked the softest ones we could find. A little bit of a challenge. Randy was awarded a beautiful ceremonial hawk made by Scratch for his 1st in the knife and hawk walk. The one-tie all-tie lasted 3 hours Friday afternoon and quite possibly tied or broke the old distance record. Saturday morning the whole camp turned out to win a turkey or two. Best showing the NMMM has seen in a while. Some of us had to be content with baloney; and finally, a throwing perversion experienced by Lazy Horse, Pack Mule, Many Scars, Beverly, and Does It All brought the rendezvous events to a close.
Booshway Timber conducted council fire Saturday evening. Awards and prizes were given out and next year’s booshway and segundo were selected/elected/railroaded - something. Waits to Shoot and Sleeping Bear will host next year’s WTMR at a new location. Not sure where just yet. Booshway/Segundo 2006
Next Year’s Booshway & Segundo
Lazy Horse
Lazy Horse
The results from the last leg of the NM State Hawk and Knife were announced by Many Scars. Lazy Horse placed first in the knife, Beverly first in the women’s knife, and Pack Mule first in the hawk. Lazy Horse and, I believe, Beverly were both awarded a Bomboy knife and Pack Mule a pipe hawk. Many Scars and Pack Mule were second and third in the knife, respectively, and received silver and brass knife medallions made by Scratch. Therefore, it is our privilege to announce that Lazy Horse is the 2005 Overall Champion of the New Mexico State Hawk and Knife. Congratulations!

Winner of this year’s One-Tie-All-Tie was Many Scars at a distance of 385 – 390 paces. Almost didn’t make it much further than 100 yards. Folks just weren’t warmed up yet - barely making that tying shot. Then around 200 yards, things got a little more interesting. Sandbaggers quit holding back and the steel started ringing. Last backup. That 2 foot by 3 foot target was looking a might small. Many Scars rang the bell with no answer. Good shooting! I guess that would be 51, right?

Wolf Trapper 2004

The NMMM would like to extend a special word of thanks to Long Shadow. He gathered up the hooters and targets for the rendezvous and took care of getting the forest permit. Thank you Long Shadow!

For those that like all of the details, here’s how the events placed.

Rifle Trailwalk

  • First — Pack Mule
  • Second — Sleeping Bear
  • Third — Gaylon  
  • Pistol Trailwalk

  • First — Gaylon
  • Second — Pack Mule
  • Third — Beverly  
  • Camp Hawk & Knife Throw

  • First — Pack Mule
  • Second — Many Scars
  • Third — Waits to Shoot  
  • Junior Hawk & Knife Throw

  • First — Casey
  • Second — Quayde  
  • Hawk & Knife Walk Around a Log

  • First — Pack Mule
  • Second — Many Scars
  • Third — Beverly  

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