New Mexico Mountain Men

2004 Turkey Shoot

A capote came in pretty handy come turkey shoot this year. The weather was consistently cool with gently falling snow for the first half of the day. If you dressed for the conditions, the day was pretty nice for a late fall shoot. To start the day off right, Tatonka fed everyone burritos and coffee. Then folks commenced to shoot. Several times half a ball made all the difference in the world between turkey and baloney. Chris B. brought out several junior-age competitors. Those youngsters didnít have to take second seat behind anyone. Those listed below managed to take home a bird or even two. It was a good day.
  • Long Shot — Roger W.
  • Pull-up Varmints — Roger W.
  • Long Shot — Pack Mule
  • Swingers — Long Shot
  • Open — Does It All
  • Youth — Royce B.
  • Long Shot — Long Tongue
  • Feather Cut — Long Shot
  • Long Shot — Long Tongue

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