To Preserve the Heritage of the Fur Trade Era

New Mexico Mountain Men

2003 November Turkey Shoot

This year's turkey shoot was a great success. Twelve birds were awarded and the Club made about $200. Tatonka's concessions added a meal to the day and $$ for the Club. Thanks for all of your hard work this year Tatonka. The weather was great for November and the competition just keeps getting tougher. The following is a list of the day's events and the winners who took home a turkey:

  • 1st 100meter Deer — Long Tongue
  • 2nd 100meter Deer — Harold T.
  • 3rd 100meter Deer — Long Tongue
  • 4th 100meter Deer — Longshot
  • 1st Varmints — Pack Mule
  • 2nd Varmints — Bob
  • 3rd Varmints — Bob
  • Swinging Varmints — Timber
  • Feather Shoot — Strawstalker
  • Charcoal Shoot — Bryon
  • Junior's Match — Royce
  • Pistol Gongs — Strawstalker
As you can see, the deer and the varmints are popular shoots. If we could just tweak Long Tongue's sights a little. You know, help him out. Bob is a cowboy action-type, and somewhat new to our kind of fun; but as you can see, he is a pretty fair hand with a muzzleloader. It was a good day.

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