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New Mexico Mountain Men

Cookin' N Eatin'

Deer Meat Hash

Fry 4-5 pounds of ground deer burger in a skillet with onions and 1 or 2 beers as it cooks down. Then add 1 pound bite size chunks of potatoes, 1 quart jar of medium or hot pepper rings and 1 pound of bite sized chunks of ham. When this is all cooked, cover the top of the hash with Swiss cheese and let it melt down in. This will feed 6 or 7 people.


Bean Boiler

Norwest Company’s bean boiler for trekking is the best I've seen for authenticity, and quality (unlike backwoods tin). There are no sharp edges, it's tinned inside in addition to being made of tin, doesn't leak, has a copper bottom, and is in the design of the nesting kettles used during our period of interest. I've been looking for one that is authentic since I can find nothing on little bean boilers from mtnman period, but they did have the nesting pots and those are documented, this would have been the smallest of the batch. I'm not sure about the copper bottom (probably not period) but once it's black you won't be able to see the Cu bottom, then it will look like a real one. it's the closest thing I've found yet, $38.85 includes shipping (from Alaska!!). Hope this may be of some use to you.

Storm Dancer

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