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Santa Fe Trails Rendezvous (Charles and Robert Style)

The year long hoopla and commotion finally came to a head about a moon ago. Stands on a Rope and Red Wing put on Santa Fe Trails Rendezvous 2004. Nearly 180 camps were pitched. There was white canvas everywhere! Pilgrims and buckskinners showed up from about every state touching New Mexico and a few from beyond. Good folks, too! Lots of traders! Not only could you buy quality goods, but you could procure a fine meal three times a day, shower in a teepee at regular intervals, listen to some fine music come sundown, and even belly up to the bar for a little refreshment as needed. Couldn’t have campfires this year, but it is simply amazing what you can accomplish in a Dutch oven with a propane stove and an infrared space heater; and evenings gathered around a candle lantern aren’t too bad at all.

If you like to “do”, there was more to do than you could probably keep up with. Shooting and such started at about 8:30 in the morning and one could still be throwing knife and hawk in The Perversion come 7:00 that evening. Individual competitions, team events, aggregates - you name it. No one was left out. There were classes, games, and special events everyday for even the littlest of the buckskinners. A lot of good people worked very hard to put on a great rendezvous. Thank you!

Did you happen to purchase a raffle ticket towards one of the excellent drawing prizes this year? Well, here’s how it played out. Moon Running out of Elizabeth, Colorado won the Lancaster flintlock. Dang! Shoulda bought another ticket. The CVA Youth Hunter rifle was won by Dana from Cortez, CO; and the Daisy BB gun was won by Ernie out of Trinchera, CO. It was a good year for Colorado!

One special prize was awarded this year. You could call it the Booshway’s Recognition of Achievement and Effort Award. Charles put together a list of criteria which had to be met by some deserving youth along with his or her family. The race was tight, but Miss Casey was awarded a fine rifle and shooting bag in recognition of her efforts and those of her family. Congratulations Casey!

The week ended Saturday evening with one of the biggest council fires I’ve ever seen. Well dressed folks stepped up and were lauded by all. Lots of prizes were given out. Speeches were made and the future prepared for. Linda Yancey was elected to booshway Santa Fe Trails in 2006. Husband Myron will segundo. Best of luck to you both!

Then it was time to say goodbye, or not, and hit the trail to wherever. Some left earlier than others. Some hated to leave at all. Thank you Charles and Robert.

I have to kind of wonder about some poor individual and his hoss this year. A little careless with his possibles - lost his saddle for a little while. Of course, it was found and returned eventually; but then the fella’s horse lost its tail! I know cuz I found it lying around, minus the horse! Would you believe that hidden in that blond hair was the message “Trek, think trek”? Some folks just never give up.

In parting, how about a little fun? A little earlier the opportunity to shower in a teepee was mentioned. Having tried it out myself, I have to say that it was a very pleasant experience. However, I understand that Stands on a Rope partook of this same convenience and came away from the experience short one capote. Now normally that might not be all that big a deal; but if you start out with only a capote, well, you get the picture. Imagine this - one booshway, wrapped in a towel, strolling down the middle of trader’s row. Now that’s not something you see just every day!

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