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Hi ,some years ago around 1998 I sold a Ferguson Breech loading flint lock sportier in Las Vegas, I had to sell the piece at the time as I was going through a divorce but now am trying to find it and buy it back. It is a very fancy piece with Gold leaves on the barrel and a silver face on the back of the lock, checkered wrist, silver thumb piece. Have been hearing it has been seen in the rendezvous in New Mexico, last year for sure, not this year. I am offering a three hundred dollar reward for information leading to me finding it and being able to repurchase it again. It belonged to my dad before he died and I would like it back. If you have any information or ideas of who I can contact in the Rendezvous of New Mexico please let me know. Thank you very much.

William Sanders
email willsanders at

Wanted: One each lodge. Carl is looking for a lodge worthy of taking to rendezvous. If you have one to sell or know of one needing a new home, contact Carl at 505-261-9701.
"Grizz" here, out in ole' Kentucke. I'm ashamed to ask this but.....Over the last 28 yrs. of being in the "Doins", I've (like many) drifted to the Eastern period. My question is, I've got some very nice personal accouterments I would like sell. Any suggestions would be appreciated (other than I should be ashamed of myself). Seriously, I have some items that are as good as you'll find. Take a look.

Best Regards, Walt "Grizz" King, a "Tomahawk Brother"

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