To Preserve the Heritage of the Fur Trade Era

New Mexico Mountain Men

Trappers’ Tree
by John Clymer

Trappers’ Tree
The life of the fur trapper was often lonely, usually dangerous, and always hard. In Trappers’ Tree by John Clymer two trappers find scant shelter in a lean-to from a Rocky Mountain winter.

View of the Mandan village Mih–Tutta–Hang–Kusch
by Carl Bodmer

Mandan Village

Karl Bodmer accompanied German naturalist Prince Maximilian of Wied-Neuwied to America and then, starting in April 1833, journeyed with him more than 2,000 miles up the Missouri to the American Fur Co. remote trading post in Blackfoot Indian country near the river’s headwaters. Bodmer worked industriously during the winter of 1833-34, producing magnificent paintings of the Missouri frontier and the Indians who lived there.

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