December 2004 Meeting

New Mexico Mountain Men


Election of Officers

Candle The election of officers and counselors was held at the December Christmas Party. The following NMMM members will serve in 2005:
  • Booshway — Pack Mule
  • Segundo — Timber
  • Purser — Strawstalker
  • Scribe — Long Shot
  • Counselors
    • Ron
    • Many Scars
    • Gone Again
    • Long Tongue
    • Does It All

Last Call to Renew

This will be the last newsletter to contain a membership renewal form for 2005 and this will be the last newsletter for those that I do not have a renewal form on record. If you paid “somebody”, but I don’t have some kind of written record, you ain’t a member! Renew your membership, cuz we’ll miss your sorry face. Just a little friendly advice from the scribe.

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