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New Mexico Mountain Men

2003 Moon of the Crow Rendezvous

Mountain ManHands and the Gila Trappers put on a great rendezvous around the middle of March. Over 60 registered participants were in attendance. The weather was perfect, warm days and cold nights, and the competitive events were tough, different and interesting. Hands' imagination always makes the difference between just another rendezvous and a Moon of the Crow. Just one example – the Mountain Man Run. 'Most everyone came prepared for plenty of shooting, either as a single or a team. Not this year! Skills and thinking took the day. The scenario revolved around typical workday skills required of anyone capable of surviving a season trapping the streams of the West. Do you know your knots? Can you pack a mule, as well as shoot straight, start a fire, or set a trap? And don't forget and leave your possibles on the prarie, 'cuz they won't be there when you go back to look for 'em. Yep, it was a good'n. Hands did more with less, than many do with a bunch.

Thank you Hands!

Greetings all!
The 2003 version of Moon of the Crow has been deemed a rousing success! There were 63 registered competitors and 80+ folks in the camp, which is the largest crowd in many years. Wow! I would like to thank all those who attended and from the feedback I received, it certainly seems that the majority of folks really enjoyed the doings, which provides me with great satisfaction and the energy to do it again!

I especially wish to thank the Brothers of NMMM and others who provided the funds and the help of set-up, running events and tear-down at the conclusion to allow the tradition of a long running rendezvous to continue.
From your Brother in the Gila, Thank You!

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