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Moon of the Crow Rendezvous — 2007

Wa-agh! That’s a rendezvous what’s hard to shake. Tho most of us did shake, shiver, chatter… Hang it, most of us wuz cold at one time or nuther! Some of us even shook, shivered, or chattered due to the whistle that wuz being poured. Aah.

There’s a brave pilgrim what wuz fool enough to brave the cool weather and breezes and join our merry band. Even went so far as to write her obzervashuns (that’s what’s brave!) and shared them with us here. Sew here it iz from Ms. Rebecca’s own hand.


According to the old timers this Moon was the coldest and the windiest they had ever experienced—being a pilgrim (my first ever rendezvous) I am taking their word on it!

It WAS cold and windy—but I had the time of my life. I have never met such a wonderful, talented group of people in anything I have ever had the pleasure of being involved in before. These mountain men and women that I met are totally amazing—from setting a tent all by themselves to being the best shot with a rifle/pistol I have ever seen. The events where so much fun to be a player (quote from my man) and to watch. The Mountain Man Run event was the hit of the whole rendezvous—Hands and Pack Mule put on a show that all would have to agree was very impressive. I enjoyed watching the spectators as much as I enjoyed watching the players we were all amazed!

The setting for The Moon is truly enchanted—taking the words from a fellow mountain man (from Texas). “New Mexico is really The Land of Enchantment—by just driving over the Texas/New Mexico state line you get a completely different feel of land and people!” I have lived in Grant county for several years and have driven by the canyon many times—but never left the road!! To me this is what a rendezvous is all about-- getting off the road—going back to the time of the mountain men—really—letting nature touch you and you touching nature! The days I spent at Moon did this in a way that is difficult to put into words! I have such a deep appreciation of my ancestors now (men and women) of the life they lead and the hardships, they handled as just everyday stuff! Those tuff, brave, smart people are truly what made this country what it is today.

I invite any pilgrim that has the desire to go to a rendezvous to come and let the mountain men/women surround you with their kindest and knowledge of The Mountain Man era. This group of people took me in as if I was a little sister to them—shared all their stories and some secrets with me—making me feel as if I really did belong. There is one special lady that opened her heart to me—shared her trail walk winnings with me-gave me the confidence to try again! I just cannot say enough good things about Tatonka Sue – she is truly a woman of the fur trade!

Thank all of you mountain men/women for keeping the spirit alive and giving us pilgrims the chance to share in this wonderful experience of keeping a piece of history alive!


Now that’s a story that the editor appreciates! A long won what’s well writ. Yes sir. A long one. Need more of ‘em!

Kourse if she thinks the “Mountain Man Run” wuz the best event, she obviously missed the outstanding shooting at the “Two Barrel Shootsgun” event. Umhmm.

The Moon of the Crow Rendezvous got off to a good start. This child appeared on the scene on Wednesday afore the event was to begin and had to edge his way in to find fair ground to setup upon. Next day more folk appeared. Must say never seen a hairier outfit for sometime. Guess it jest goes to show how cold dis winter really has ben.

packin in
raring to go Considerin’ the Mtn. Man Run, some folks appeared to be quite fit when they first arrived on the scene. Such wuz the case of Lazy Horse, and Dirty Shirt.
But like so many others that came before and after them to try their mettle, the consequences for Lazy Horse & Dirty Shirt were dire. They lay there for some time after passing. Seems the stench was just too great to approach the remains. flaked out
coffee time Then of course the cool of the evening crept up upon most all of us. And that coffee is starting to look real good.
As you can see from Many Scars’ camp, the cold had him just smokin’. From the sparks that his stove was blowing, he musta been comfee. Moon of the Crow
Moon of the Crow Outstanding Feats of Daring & Courage
Women’s Trail Walk
  • 1st Tatonka Sue
  • 2nd Becky
  • 3rd Beverly
Women’s Shoot
  • 1st Tatonka Sue
  • 2nd Beverly
  • 3rd Becky
Women’s Pistol
  • 1st Beverly
  • 2nd Tatonka Sue
  • 3rd Becky
Women’s Knife & Hawk
  • 1st Amber
  • 2nd Becky
Men’s Trail Walk
  • 1st Sleeping Bear
  • 2nd Pathfinder
  • 3rd Flaming Canvas
Mountain Man Run
  • 1st Pack Mule/Hands
  • 2nd Waits to Shoot/Sleeping Bear
  • 3rd Guido/Bill L.
  • 1st Waits to Shoot
  • 2nd Pathfinder
  • 3rd Guido
  • 1st Stands on a Rope
  • 2nd Waits to Shoot
  • 3rd Guido
Men’s Pistol
  • 1st Barney
  • 2nd Hands
  • 3rd Waits to Shoot
Men’s Knife & Hawk
  • 1st Guido
  • 2nd Sleeping Bear
  • 3rd Many Scars
Kid’s Knife & Hawk
  • 1st Justin
  • 2nd Brandon
  • 3rd Annie
Congratulations to all of you!!!

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