May 2005 Meeting

New Mexico Mountain Men


cannon The NMMM have added several new members this spring. William joins us from down around Alamogordo. William has developed a mountain man character by the name of Louis Daniel Bean and has told Beanís story at gatherings in Fort Stanton and Taos. Welcome William! Scott (Bear) joined the NMMM shortly after Moon of the Crow. Scott lives in Zuni, NM, and is a traditional buckskinner who takes pleasure in teaching folks the old ways of living. Welcome! Keith (Bear) also became a member in April. Keith makes San Cristobol, NM, home and is interested in learning and growing in the ways of the mountain. Hope we can help you and glad to have ya! Last, but not least, James B. from Los Alamos has recently applied to join our Club. Jim, too, is interested in providing a living history for our youth and in just plain having a good time as a buckskinner. Welcome!

Plaque to Bill B.

Bill B. recently received a thank-you plaque from the Club for his contributions to the NMMM. Bill has been known to grace Monday morning at McGaffey with the haunting sound of bagpipes. Makes for a very special memorial service in honor of those who have fallen in the line of duty. Thank you Bill.

Last season Bill donated most of the prizes for the winter rendezvous down near Ancho. Again, thanks from all of us.

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