July 2004 Meeting

New Mexico Mountain Men
Currently, the Club has 38 members.

KD and Davidís Journey up the Snake

KD and David shared their spring boat trip up the Columbia and Snake Rivers with everyone present at the July meeting. First we conducted the Clubís business, then we ate, and then we settled back for a slide show complete with a running story line. The route of this trip followed the route taken by Lewis and Clark some 200 years ago. Some things have changed and some havenít. Thanks for sharing your good times with us!

Horse Trek V

Hope you enjoyed the leading story on this yearís horse trek into the Gila National Forest. As usual, Hands supplied us with an excellent record of the event. Threw in a few photos that went along with points in his narrative.

This may be the last trek guided and supplied by Billy Lee. Beginning next year, Billy will be spending his summers guiding fishing trips up north on Kodiac Island. Itís a rough job, but somebody has to do it. Thanks for the memories Billy!

For me, this trek was a pilgrimís journey from the flatlands into the wilderness. Youíre kind of prepared for something, but not completely ready for what really happens. You learn, survive, and come out the better for the experience; but only because of the people sharing the journey with you. A first-timer couldnít have asked for better company. My thanks to all of you!

A word of caution. If saddles and horse tails start appearing in your life, you might as well give in and go with the flow. It ainít too bad after all.

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