January 2005 Meeting

New Mexico Mountain Men


coffee The NMMM currently has 44 members. Last year at this time the Club was at 31. We ended 2004 with 50.

NM State Hawk and Knife

Participation has been pretty grim at the last few State Hawk and Knife throws put on by the NMMM in Torrance County Park. Maybe we should move the event to a rendezvous or something like the Lincoln County Days to draw in more participants and on-lookers. Be thinking about it.

New Mexico Bighorn Gun Club

NMBHGC president Ed Dresner brought several issues to the floor at the January meeting of the NMMM. First, the Bighorn Club will be putting together their 2005 event calendar at their February 3rd meeting. Any organization wishing to use and reserve the Bighorn’s range for club activities needs to request such dates at this meeting. The NMMM historically have asked for the second Sunday in September and November for the ham and turkey shoots, respectively. Don’t wait too long to make your request.

Second, Ed is looking for a booshway for this year’s NMBHGC Cache Le Plew Rendezvous. Ed is requesting the NMMM to step in and oversee the rendezvous. Bighorn would provide help and the necessary funding. The matter was tabled until the February meeting to give folks time to think about it. In the past the booshway, segundo, dog soldiers, and most everyone else associated with this rendezvous have been members of one or the other or both organizations. This event has historically been a shooter’s rendezvous with plenty to do. Walt Tidmore does a great job with prizing and has volunteered to buy prizes again this year. If you’d like to try your hand, call Randy and let him know.

And third, would the NMMM be interested in applying for a grant from the Friends of the NRA? The Club could possibly receive funding for putting on women’s and children’s muzzleloader programs. Where is a always an issue, but if you have an idea for a proposal, call Randy and start the process.

Down the Road Aways

Stands on a Rope dropped in for the January Club meeting and posed the following: Would the NMMM be interested in putting on a SW Regional Rendezvous here in New Mexico? 2007 would be the first opportunity to do so. This rendezvous would be a Raton-size, early spring event probably down south somewheres. Not as busy as Raton, but usually a bunch of traders show up. More to consider. Does your head hurt yet?

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