New Mexico Mountain Men

January Meeting

At the January meeting the membership for 2004 stands at 31.


NM State Hawk and Knife
Still kicking around the “where” for this year’s State Hawk and Knife Competition. David LeMond is checking into the use of the area behind the Tijeras Ranger Station. The station is located on the southern edge of the village of Tijeras along Highway 14. Access off South 14 is good with plenty of parking. A site and date will be chosen one way or another at the February business meeting.

Ideas for raffle prizes for this year’s rendezvous at McGaffey Lake are now being accepted. Rifles, pistols and art works have been raffled off in the past. What would you like to see?

powder flask


Since the last newsletter, we have lost two members of the NMMM.

Do not stand at my grave and weep
I am not there, I do not sleep
I am a thousand winds that blow
I am the diamond’s gift of snow…

Councilor Bill

During the quiet time of the early morning hours of January 5th, Councilor Bill slipped away and journeyed on down the trail ahead of us. Grandfather, Dad, Uncle, friend, and husband, Bill touched many lives with his never give up attitude and constant good humor. Family members, blood and adopted, stood at the trailhead to give testimony to Bill and his impact on their lives. They say “It’s not how much you love, but how much you are loved by others” that counts. This was a loved man.

A little something about Bill. A native New Mexican, Bill spent time in California deep sea diving and fishing. He operated a business called Hoot Owl selling for Crazy Crow Trading Post and sold groceries in Georgia. More recently, Bill and his wife Betty have been running a special delivery business for the airlines delivering overnight packages all over New Mexico in that big white Ford. Bill was into the big bikes a while back. He and Betty made an anniversary trip to Las Vegas aboard a hog.

About 9 or 10 years ago, Bill showed up at McIntyre’s shop asking questions about a newly acquired pistol. It was here, or maybe at the range, that Bill met Wounded Knee. Betty and Broken Feather were soon working together. A good friendship had started. Somewhere during that time the Shot Rod and wife became acquainted; and the circle grew a little wider. It was only natural for the them to ease into both the NMMM and the NMBHGC, eventually filling the role of counsilor. This whole process has resulted in bringing along a new follower of the rendezvous ways - Granddaughter Shandlin. We all hope to keep you in the fold Shandlin-we being the NMMM and all of the good family and friends within Bill’s circle of life.

As a last gesture of respect, members of the NMMM gave Bill a parting salute at their home in the East Mountains.

So we say adios. Keep a lamp lit Bill, so that we might not stumble along the way.


Kathleen passed away Wednesday February 4. Kay and husband Tall Hat have been long time members of the NMMM. Tall Hat was purser for 15 years and many a meeting was held at their home in Albuquerque.

There wasn’t enough time to learn much about Kay before this letter had to be mailed. Tall Hat asked that we all remember her in our prayers. Services will be held for Kathleen on Monday February 9 beginning at 8:30 am at Our Lady of the Annunciation Catholic Church in Albuquerque.

Our sympathy and prayers go out to husband Tall Hat, their three sons and to all of the family.

Do not stand at my grave and cry
I am not there, I did not die.

Life goes on, and perhaps each year at McGaffey, when the roles are called, the living will remember and speak on behalf of Kay and Bill. God bless.

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