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New Mexico Mountain Men

2006 State Hawk and Knife Championship

And New Champion
This year’s NM State Hawk and Knife was a good’n. Spring time in NM relaxed its usual standard of high winds and dust and gave us a beautiful day. Pack Mule and Tatonka Sue spared no effort to set up a nice throw at their home and arranged to feed everyone after the event. Many Scars put together a fine Perversion of 50 throws, which lasted pretty much all afternoon. Had a great showing of contestants. Lazy Horse, the 2005 title holder, and Josephine came up from El Paso, Joe and Mary and grandson from Fort Sumner, Preacher from Gallup, Scratch and Cody from Ruidoso, Walks on a Rope and Stormdancer dropped in, Strawstalker and wife, Timber and Does It All, Long Tongue and KD, Ron B., and Timothy S. Anyway, there was a whole passel of folks.

No runaway in the throwing and scoring. Each event would advance someone else out front by a few points. Bad day to drop one. Single flip, double turn, turn and a half, wheel, and of course, rubber bands. The interesting photo above and at right is a cut on a card about ¼ the size of a normal playing card. Believe it or not, three or four folks cut that card. No pilgrims today!

And so it went. Step up to your mark and let ‘er fly. At the end of the day, well, she was tied - Pack Mule and Strawstalker, again, 65pts each. Gotta have a throw-off, and so it ended. Strawstalker took knife and top honors. Pack Mule captured the hawk portion. The junior’s competition was no less fierce. Casey, Meca, and Cody threw with a will; and in the end, Cody jumped out front. Congratulations to the winners and all of the competitors! Our hats are off to ya!

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