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New Mexico Mountain Men

State Championship Tomahawk & Knife Throw
April 17th, 2004


Somebody messed up! The weather for this year’s NM State Hawk and Knife Throw over in the Park was pretty decent. There was food to be had! Sue West served up some fine breakfast burritos a little before the big event, so everyone was in just the right mood for some serious fun. Folks registered in from all over – El Paso, Fort Sumner, Farmington, and even Moriarty! Of course, the Honorable Ken Bomboy was present to direct and confound the participants; while David LeMond, being of sound mind and steady eye, kept an accurate tally of the goings on. Folks stepped up, paced off, and let ‘er fly! When all the dust had settled (It did get a little windy later on.), Juver Macias claimed first place in both hawk (37 pts) and knife (39 pts) and therefore, overall aggregate. Lazy Horse was awarded the Traveling Trophy to have and to hold till next year and $100. Congratulations Juver!

The competition was pretty tough. Pack Mule came in 2nd at 33 pts with the hawk and 36 pts with the knife. Many Scars scored a close 3rd at 30 pts with the hawk and 32 pts with the knife. Not enough women competed to have their own bracket (needed 6), but that didn’t prevent Linda from throwing her edged weapons. Does It All scored 21pts with both the hawk and the knife. Mighty fine Linda! Granddaughter Catty took first place in the Juniors. Way to go!

A good day and the Club made about $56. Thanks to Ken and Randy for making it happen and thank you to everyone who came out and took part in this annual event. See ya soon!

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