New Mexico Mountain Men

2005 Ham Shoot

On the second Sunday of September, the NMMM held their annual ham shoot at the NMBHGC’s range. Participation was a little thin, only seven folks showed up to shoot for ten frozen hams. For $2 a try, one could shoot at the 100meter deer, pull up varmints, swinging critters, and playing cards. The sketch you see here is one of Long Tongue’s records he keeps of each 100 meter long shot (off the bench, one shot at a life-size deer silhouette). This particular example is representative of the quality of shooting seen all day.

Except for being a little lonely (we need more participation, a lot more), it was a pretty day for playing. Here is how it went.

  • Long Shot — Long Tongue
  • Long Shot — Long Shot
  • Long Shot — Pack Mule
  • Long Shot — Long Tongue
  • Long Shot — Timber
  • Pull-up Varmints — Pack Mule
  • Pull-up Varmints — Does It All
  • Pull-up Varmints — Timothy
  • Swingers — Long Shot
  • Swingers — Does It All

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