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Las Golondrinas Harvest Festival - 2004

On Saturday and Sunday, October 2nd & 3rd, Manual Lopez and company hosted their annual fall harvest festival at Rancho de Las Golondrinas south of Santa Fe. The village depicts life as one might have seen it around 1700, here in New Mexico, along the wagon road between Santa Fe and Mexico City. Folks were making candles, lye soap, wine, cider and tortillas, dying and spinning wool, shaping iron, grinding flour, roasting chilies, stringing vegetables for the winter, washing clothes, and scraping hides. Long Tongue & KD were instructing the un-initiated in the art of hawk and knife throwing and Storm Dancer was preparing a moccasin for the evening meal. Didnít stick around to see how it turned out. Very interesting day.

Great way to spend a Saturday! Thanks Manuel!

Hawk Lessons
Long Tongue likes to help out the pilgrims.

Miller hard at work in a vertical flour mill.
Manuel Lopez
Manuel Lopez at the hide scraping area.
CookingStorm Dancer preparing some "sole food".
This announcement provided as a service to the buckskinning community by Cap'n Ball.

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