February 2005 Meeting

New Mexico Mountain Men


State Hawk and Knife

Still kicking around how and where to put on a better attended State Hawk and Knife Competition. The NMMM need more participation to promote better prizing to promote more participation. Whew! Anyway, Randy West will be contacting Hands about possibly having the event during Moon of the Crow - lots of available competition, great setting, and a perfect atmosphere. We’ll see.

NMBHGC Cache Le Plew Rendezvous

Member Jason Hall has answered the call to booshway this year’s Cache Le Plew Rendezvous. Jason will be calling together support from the NMMM and the NMBHGC to set a date and figure out a budget. Dan Morrison has volunteered to segundo for Jason. Our hats are off to you both, and we are all looking forward to a great rendezvous.

Good News from down South

Well, anyway it seems like good news for the NMMM. Rumor has it that we aren’t going to lose Billie Lee to the Far North after all. Billie won’t be summering in Alaska as originally planned. Too bad for Alaska. Glad to have ya back.

Grant from the Friends of the NRA

Not too sure where this is going. A representative of the Friends of the NRA made some pretty interesting demands/suggestions at the February meeting of the NMBHGC. The Bighorn received $2500 in grant money from FNRA to provide new shooting programs within that organization. However, in the same breath, the representative wanted a donation back in the amount of $2500. Sounded a little like a loan instead of a grant. Word is circulating that he was mistaken and a little out of line. For the moment, the NMMM is waiting on paperwork from the Bighorn Gun Club. Maybe nothing is ever really free and buyer beware.

McGaffey Lake and the Frozen Foot

Looks like Labor Day weekend will work for the McGaffey Lake Rendezvous again this season. Plan on pointing your ears toward the Cibola country around September 2nd through the 5th.

Frozen Foot?

Kicking that one around some. Let you know how the stick floats as soon as the smoke clears. The Club will be returning Bill Barnes’ 2005 dues in appreciation for providing most of the plunder used to prize that rendezvous last year. Thanks Bill! Did I tell you about the Long Shot event?

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