To Preserve the Heritage of the Fur Trade Era
New Mexico Mountain Men

"Code of the Mountainman"

I shall at all times consider a man's private life his own, and none of my business unless he wishes to make it so.

I shall at all times strive to be a self-reliant and strong individual, asking help only if and when it is absolutely needed.

I shall at all times consider my word a sacred trust, a bond which is not to be broken.

I shall at all times respect the personal property of others, considering tivery as an act of contempt and dis-fellowship.

Before entering the camp or lodge of another, I shall make my presence known, then enter only if invited.

I shall at all times discharge a firearm in camp or give any other false waring of any impending danger.

At any primative excursion or during any survival situation, I shall be willing to share my food and water with those people who are with me.

I shall take only from nature what I need and actually use, following the established pracitces of good conservation of our native wilderness and wildlife.

At any montainman activity, I shall follow the rules set forth by the booshway or the person in charge, or leave...without complaint...of my own free will.

I shall at all times strive to improve myself, my skills, my wilderness abilities and my knowledge of nature's laws.


"New Mexico Mountainmen's By-laws"

  1. To support the Constitution of the United States of America. To protect and maintain the Bill of Rights, especially the right of the citizens of this country to keep and bear arms.
  2. To keep alive the history and heritage of the fur trade era of the early 1800's.
  3. To practice conservation of all our natural resources; and to hunt, fish and trap within our local wildlife laws.
  4. To instill in our membership a sense of loyalty, brotherhood and courage.
  5. To develop an active program of outdoor activities, of which the shooting of muzzle loading firearms, gun safety, camping in a primative fashion, hunting, trapping, exploring, researching and living the old ways of the moutainman and indian is a part.
  6. To encourage family participation whenever possible.
  7. To handmake, where possible, all of our clothing, equipment, accouterments and possibles of the period.

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