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December Meeting and Christmas Party 2006

Outgoing Officers
Outgoing Officers
Long Shot, Pack Mule, Timber & Strawstalker

Another year gone by, along with another great Christmas party. If you missed it, you missed a grand time. The meeting room at the Holiday Inn was packed! And it was good to see so many of you there. All that was missing were those of you that didn’t make it. Drat!!! You were missed!

As you can see by the list of officers, some things have changed. Myron is our new leader. Huzzah!!! Or should that be Timber!!! ? He’s done a great job for us as our Segundo over the years and he’s bound to do even more for us in the future. As for Carl and Shot Rod, they readily answered the call to serve. However, after I had nominated “Scratch” whom I believe to be one of the very best of choices. Some tall drink of water from down near the silver mines along the Gila just had to raise his “Hands” and nominate “Stands on a Rope”, that be me. Well, I voted as many times as I could raising both hands and feet. But it appears Scratch badgered and cajoled more folks into voting for me. Drat! I’m still demanding a recount!!!

A big thank you was given to "Tatonka Sue" for setting up this year’s Christmas Party. "Stormdancer" thanked "Pack Mule" and "Tatonka Sue", "Timber", "Strawstalker", and "Long Shot" for the last four years of service as officers. And a great melee broke out. Well, not really. Just a grand huzzah. Actually, just a great round of applause. Their service is greatly appreciated!!!

Chris & "Waits to Shoot"


Cindy & Sleeping Bear

"Bear" was kind enough to recognize "Pack Mule" and "Tatonka Sue", for all that they have done for the club by presenting them with a plaque and presentation bow & arrows.

"Many Scars", and "Long Tongue", were presented plaques for their efforts with the festivities at the Zuni Pueblo last October. And then a great melee broke out. Well, not actually.

Mrs. B., "Bear" & John B.

"Stands on a Rope" gave out CD’s containing photos taken at various events during 2006. Should anyone desire a copy, just get word to me and I might work it into my busy day.

"Hornless" & grandchildren

Cap'n Ball of cap-n-ball

And then a great melee broke out. Well, just the usual fine party with good friends.

Good Kids having fun making a mess & stuffing face!

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