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Christmas Party

Thanks to everyone who made the journey to Moriarty for this year’s Christmas party! Some folks came a long ways and stayed over a night or two. Sure hope you found the effort to be worth your while. It was better than just good to see your smiling faces. Seeing you all together again is good for the soul and warms the spirit; and maybe we didn’t get to visit much, or maybe not at all, but we will.

No going to say too much about the fixings. I’ve never been to a NMMM gathering when the food wasn’t great and plenty of it; and the Christmas party was up to standards plus some. Hope you got your fill.

Several noteworthy moments occurred during the festivities. "Tatonka Sue" was presented a plaque by the NMMM thanking her for sharing her home with us and working so hard to keep the Club afloat. On behalf of the New Mexico Bighorn Gun Club, Ed presented "Tatonka Sue" with a check for $100 to promote her 4H work in Torrance County. We sure hope the recognition and thank you’s help to ease the pain a little Sue.

"Red Wing" sent up a little Christmas cheer from the Arizona desert. On Red Wing’s behalf, "Long Tongue" presented "Pack Mule" with a stuffed moose and an oyster fork. Lots of trek miles behind that plunder. Had to be there.

Another trek-related presentation was made. "Does It All" presented "Hands" with a primitive candle and carrying/organizing device (canvas bag). Seems that he misplaced a more modern light source on a recent primitive trek, casting a shadow on his comings and goings. No more worries!

"Pack Mule" awarded "Gone Again" with the Skinner rating. Skinner is the second step along the path toward Patron. Congratulations!

"Many Scars" presented "Strawstalker" with one of his throwing knives for winning the Perversion at the Wolf Trapper Winter Rendezvous last October. "Strawstalker" wears ‘em out as fast as he wins them and he wins a lot of them. Congratulations!

Thanks "Many Scars" for bringing along the art of throwing and consistently hosting and designing those nasty events you call Perversions. Never mind that that knife is a lifetime treasure. Thanks again!

Well, party’s over for another year. Shook a few hands, hugs all around, and fare thee well. Be good to yourself and we’ll meet again real soon.

Long Shot

Sue & Her Booshway

Hands & Leigh

Oso's having fun!

Eloise, Joe, & Mary

The Girls

She Smiles & Strawstalker

Oh, Oh - Charles is smiling.

Best Wishes from Ron & Gwen

Merry Christmas from Mr. & Mrs. Sleeping Bear

Dan & Bianca

Timber & Does It All

Long Tongue & Gone Again

Waits to Shoot & Chris

Chris & Lady Friend

Roger & Lisa

Storm Dancer & Gone Again

Many Scars

Pat & Ed

Long Shot & Partner

Merry Christmas from Us All

Yellow Hair & His Wife

Cap'n Ball, Rangy Lil & (Almost)Their Sons

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