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New Mexico Mountain Men

Spring Scout 2005

Timing was bad between getting word on Johnís trek and passing it on in the newsletter; but you know what, it didnít affect things one bit. Here is Johnís accounting.

A Group of 7 Patriots assembled in the Sacramento Mountains for a Spring Scout. The weather was not very co-operative. The morning of the get-together brought rain & snow, with the promise of more to come.

John & Company
( L to R ) Doug - El Paso, Juver - El Paso, Jerry - Las Cruces, Joe - El Paso, Wes - Cloudcroft, John - High Rolls — Jerry's son John was the photographer & not shown.
After a "short" hike the group made camp and started to prepare the evening meal. A shooting contest was also held with Gerry providing some homemade playing card targets. The shoot was won by Joe with Doug , Juver & Gerry finishing in that order.
After finishing a great stew the group prepared for a long night of rain & snow. All made it through the night without incident & a large fire felt mighty good along with a hardy breakfast the next morning.
We broke camp early a postponed the rest of the shooting until another time. The walk out of the canyon proved to be a challenge with only a few of us not slipping & falling due to steep terrain & not enough practice walking in snow with moc's. All in all a great trip with the terrain & Mother Nature providing some challenges.


Thank you John for allowing us an opportunity to share a little of what you and your company lived, even if only for a little while.

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