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Bentís Fort for Christmas

A few hardy souls made their way across the Sangre de Cristos Mountains to Bentís Fort for a Christmas outing early in December. Itís quite a sight to see with a dusting of snow and by fire and candlelight!

Such a quiet scene with a gentle snow falling and carols being sung.

Our approach to Bentís Fort the next morning.

Ah! But for a bite of this roasting bird.
Cheer up, Meca. He was a mean and cocky old Tom.

A pleasant fire about which to discuss the journey.

The fort was open to the public for tours and sightseeing on Friday and Saturday all day and into the evening. The majority of the fort personnel was not only dressed in period costume but was acting their parts also. Giving us a better feel for the way things once were.

Friday evening we participated in a tour of the fort moving room to room. Each room had characters appropriate to the room. Cooks in the kitchen, blacksmith in the forge, gamblers in the billiards room, etcÖ All acting their parts.

We arrived early and stayed late on Saturday. Well, at least two of us stayed late.

Our little band pretty much enjoyed the fort, as we desired through the day. As we were in period dress and were discussing the history of the fort our coming and going. In fact, we were all asked to come back in the future to help man the fort. Quite a compliment I think.

The two of us that were brave (foolish?) enough to dare the snowfall that evening got to see fantastic sights! To see Bentís Fort occupied by folks in period costume and lit by firelight & candlelight at night with a gentle snow falling was a great way to get to experience how life at the fort might have been.

Should you have the opportunity to visit Bentís Fort next December, it would be well worth the effort to dare the winter weather for the visit. And it is all the better in period attire!

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