April 2005 Meeting

New Mexico Mountain Men



NMMM McGaffey Lake Rendezvous

Take a gander at this year’s flyer for the McGaffey Lake Rendezvous. New faces are heralding the event along with a change in fees. The Club needs a little more revenue to cover good prizes for junior and women events. Our rendezvous will be held September 2 – 5 in the usual place. Even so, Timber will probably leave plenty of fresh sign. Don’t be bashful about setting up early in the week. You won’t be alone and the more the merrier. The track reads pretty promising for a great rendezvous this year!

Fire in Five

Getting to be quite a few new faces in the NMMM. Some are just getting started and some are a little further down the road. One of the skills needed at the personal level, and in competition, is the ability to make a fire quickly. What makes good char and how do you make it? What’s good material for a bird’s nest? How do you make sure it’s dry? Common sense and experience is the answer to these questions for many buckskinners, but maybe not for new folks. After the business portion of the May Club meeting, graybeard Long Tongue is going to demonstrate how to not only make fire with flint and steel; but how to do so in a timely fashion, say during a mountain man run. Plan on sticking around after the meeting and maybe picking up on a few secrets of the trade. Couldn’t hurt! (See write up. Ed.)

The Club will be putting on more of these skill oriented sessions from time to time. Such demonstrations used to occur regularly years ago. It’s time to walk through the good stuff once again.

Something New in Powder

Last weekend, a few NMMM wandered down to the Single Action Shooter Society’s (SASS) national shoot south of Edgewood. Two vendors were in the general black powder business – GOEX and American Pioneer Powder Products. GOEX is now selling a Pyrodex-like powder called Pinnacle in 2F and 3F. At the event, a pound went for $13. Pinnacle is supposed to be cleaner burning and less corrosive than the real stuff. This is a product GOEX can retail anywhere, since true black powder is a little hard to find these days.

American Pioneer was marketing a sulfurless black powder replacement, also. The on-hand rep claimed the product produced exactly the same output as black powder in a per volume comparison, minus the fouling and corrosion. Randy and Sue West purchased a pound of 3F to try, so we’ll see. One minor problem appears to be availability. The product is currently only available at events attended by this particular rep. Sent an email to the company looking for help with this issue. We’ll see what they say. The price for a pound of 3F at the event was $15.

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