New Mexico Mountain Men

April 2004 Meeting

At the April meeting the membership stands at 35.


campThe New Mexico Mountain Men take great pleasure in welcoming our newest member, Lazy Horse into the fold. Lazy Horse and his wife Josie are no strangers to any of New Mexicoís rendezvousí; and Juver is a known tough competitor, fine buckskinner, and good compadre. He is also a member of the Rio Grande Muzzleloaders out of El Paso. Welcome!

We are in good standing with our insurance company. They recently verified continuing coverage for this year.

Been feeling like maybe itís about time to start getting ready for McGaffey (so soon?); and so in proper fashion, Booshway "Pack Mule" is starting on the annually required forest permit. Itís a chore, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do. Actually, the Forest Service folks in Grants have been very helpful in the past and we hope to keep up the good relationship. Might even get Ďem to drop by during rendezvous. Weíll see.

"Timber" and "Does-it-all" have invited Jim J. to the May business meeting. Jim will be bringing along some of his handmade pieces of jewelry for your perusal and purchase. Similar plunder is being considered for prizes at Santa Fe Trails. Come to the meeting and check out Jimís wares.

Thanks to the Rio Grande Muzzleloaders
The NMMM would like to take this opportunity to thank Bill for sending up a copy of the Rio Grande Muzzleloaders newsletter each time it comes out. Bill is the club scribe and puts together a first class publication. We read his letter at our monthly meetings and hope to put their news into our newsletter regularly and soon.

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