New Mexico Mountain Men
Our organization is dedicated to ensuring that the history and heritage of the fantastic Fur Trade Era of the early 1800s is preserved. We strive to research and live the old ways of the mountain man and Indian by developing active programs of outdoor activities. Wearing period clothing, camping using period equipment, and shooting muzzle loading firearms is an integral part of the experience. We encourage family participation in all aspects of our activities. If you feel “Born Out of Time” or have a need of belonging to a historical organization, or just want to get away from the normal daily routines, then consider becoming a member of the New Mexico Mountain man Association. We hope you will. flinter trapper

  • Regular business meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month.
  • Council meetingsare held monthly for the elected officers. All members are invited and encouraged to attend.
  • NMMM participates in re-enactments at La Cienega festivals.
  • NMMM participates in Bighorn Gun Club Rendezvous.
  • NMMM sponsors the annual State Knife & Hawk Championship in the spring.
  • NMMM sponsors a ham shoot during the summer.
  • NMMM sponsors an annual beginners shoot.
  • NMMM sponsors the Rendezvous Labor Day Weekend.
  • NMMM sponsors the Wolf Trapper Memorial Rendezvous.
  • NMMM sponsors a turkey shoot in November.
Besides all these annual events, there are many special events, such as treks, blanket shoots, and parties. There also is group participation at other events.



The New Mexico Mountain Man Association was founded in 1977 by Bob Fleman and Jim Traver in Albuquerque. There was a great desire by these two gentlemen to establish an organization that would be centered on the Great American Fur Trade Era. Their goal was reliving, reenacting and enjoying the great outdoors as the original mountain men did. They established the framework for our organization and our present members are all dedicated to preserving this great historical time period (1780-1840).

Please read our Code and Bylaws as published in the "Albuquerque Journal" on January 23, 1977.

2006 Officers
Purser"Shot Rod"
Scribe"Stands on a Rope"
Council Members
  • Ron B.
  • "Long Tongue"
  • "Many Scars"
  • "Gone Again"
  • "Does It All"
  • "Shot Rod"

We invite all men, women and their families to join our organization. We strongly believe that you will enjoy being a member and reliving this fantastic time period. Our curiosity about the life of the mountain men is as sharp today as ever. Dues are $25 per calendar year and the benefits are many. We publish a monthly newsletter mailed to all members. Vendor discounts and group buying plans help with supplies.

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Upcoming Events




Regular business meetings are held on the second Thursday of each month, usually in Edgewood. June meeting usually at the Santa Fe Trail Rendezvous. December meeting is held in conjunction with the Christmas party.


  • Winter Encampment — February 10 - 12
  • Spring Scout — March 4 - 5
  • Hawk & Knife Championship — TBA

Past Events

News and Club Business


Past Club Events

"GREEN IS WEARED OFF" when a greenhorn becomes a mountain man.

Other Past Events





"In 1825, a profound change took place in the lives of everyone, even remotely associated with the fur trade, in the mountains. Gen. William Ashley improvised a method of trade when he met the trappers who had gathered from all over the country west of the continental divide at a place called Henry's Fork of the Green River. The trappers were so thrilled with the concept of a general gathering once a year to unload their furs and take on "fixins" for another year of mountain life that a pattern was immediately established. The trappers would meet each year for trade in an area established the previous year prior to the breakup of the gathering. They called this gathering: RENDEZVOUS."

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