Muzzleloader 101
Field Repairs

What’s in the little box?
I keep a small brass box containing several small tools in my shooting bag. Overtime this has expanded to one per caliber. Not every tool is required for every gun and some are sized to the bore, so choose only what you really need. The ones that I consider essential are nipple pick, ball removal screw, bore brush, screwdriver and either a nipple wrench or spare flint. In my .45 box/bag, both, because the plan is pick up the gun, pick up the bag, with no searching to pack..
Nipple Pick
This one screws into a protective brass tube which is handy, but you can make your own quite readily. One of my favorites was a lady who pulled an antique hatpin out of her hat when needed.
Ball Puller Screw
For removing objects from the barrel. The brass collar centers it.
Nipple Wrench
You need one. Often! I find a longer one handier, but you may need a short one to fit below the hammer. Try it before you pack it.
Small screwdriver
Get one the fits the screw in the drum. For flint, carry one that fits the jaw screw on the cock (hammer). It is fun to have an old timer on the range, but you will want several quality screwdrivers in the big box in camp.
A standard brass bore brush in your caliber threaded for your rod to scrub out fouling as needed.
Cleaning/loading jag
Normally this is on my range rod. If I am only using the ramrod, I carry one of these for cleaning patches.
More little stuff for the little box
Spare parts, such as nipple, flint
Small tools, such as the little allen wrench for the sights

Things not in the little box
These are things I once carried in there but have since been relocated.

I have not had good luck with these. The ball removal screw works better for retrieving patches.
New info: I saw a guy on youtube using one of these to hold a little wadge of tow. I want to get some and try it out.
Good for cleaning or oiling. I have relegated these to the camp cleaning kit. An oiled swab is a dirt magnet. In the kit, I store them sealed in old pill bottles and only use them for shotguns. For rifles I think a patch on a jag is just as effective and the dirty patch is disposable.
Breech Scraper
I carried one of these around for years without ever using it in the field. If you have one, move it to the cleaning kit back in camp where it can be useful for thorough cleaning.

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