Muzzleloader 101
Accessories and Tools

Where I normally shoot, the rule is from the bag. No shooting benches are provided or allowed. I take a shoulder bag for each caliber. In camp I have my tool box and cleaning bag.

The first piece of stuff you will need is some kind of container for your stuff. If you are shooting from the bench, you can get by with a small box, even cardboard or (shudder) plastic. For hunting you might get by with just your pockets. Good enough to start, but you will probably want and need a shoulder bag. Usually they are made of leather but occasionally of fabric or other material.

A possible bag could carry anything possible such as fire-makings, salt, tea or coffee, a spoon etc. A shooting bag had gun needs. Modern usage tends to use possible bag for both.

What�s in the shooting bag?
In this bag, left to right, across the back
patch knife, brass tool box, short starter, powder flask, powder measure

across the front
leather ball bag, patch material, brass box of cut patches, capper

unseen in the bottom
can of caps


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