Muzzleloading 101


There is a lot to know, some important and some only curious or interesting. How much is a grain anyway? Is the twist good for my load? What do you call this gizmo? There are lots more.

Talk the talk and your perceved expertise goes up. "How does the gizmo connect to the whachamacallit" will gain no respect nor will it reliably get the right answer. Illustrated charts and a glossary will help.
Greenhill Formula
We know that spin stabalizes the projectile so we rifle our barrels. Do you have the right twist rate for your bullet? Would a longer or shorter bullet be more accurate in your barrel? Here is the method and the math is not too hard.
There are a lot of straight bullseye target shoots and a lot of gongs, but you won't want to miss some of the novelty shoots either. Rendezvous range masters have big imaginations. Youth shoots ( 4H & YHEC) make an even competition with natiional standards. NMLRA meets have almost every disipline. The patch program measues your skill and improvement.
Extreme Accuracy
OK. You're consistantly in the 90s with a couple of Xs tossed in. Now you are thinking about Regional and State and replace those 95/96s wih 98 and 99s.

What are some of the tricks to get just one more point?

Black Powder Measurement
How heavy is a grain? What does FFg mean? Some of these ancient measurements are still with us because they are useful. Some because it is too much trouble to change. Understanding them can help you make decisions.
Caps and Nipples
Dimensions and threads

Muzzleloading 101 Classroom

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