Rio Grande Muzzle Loaders

2005 Moon of the Crow - RGML Style

Sadly, the Moon of the Crow has come and gone. But happy are those that participated in the event. There were no shortages of folks that came out for this one. From near and far they came to share in the fun. Rumor has it that they ran out of medallions to hand out to the registrants so some of the first comers gave up theirs to share with others. Of course, no less would be expected from the gracious hosts of this notable rendezvous. Many, many lodges were up. Few traders but almost everyone had a trade blanket. From the very young to the very old (including me), all had fun in the sun of the Gila National Forest. It turns out that this spot is the very near center point for all of us to gather. Tucson, Albq., Ruidoso, El Paso are only a few I’ll mention here, but all agreed it was a nice spot to have a rendezvous. By the way, I’ll mention it here~~ the next Moon of the Crow is going to be the 25th. A BIG’n

Our Rio Grande bunch represented well. We got our share of the plunder. Those that were urged on to participate and/or compete got the lions share. Those that sat back and basked in the NM sun got the best reward. Peace & relaxation. Food a plenty- and all seemed eager to share. Some of the ladies prepared feasts for the hungry shooters & all the while preparing their own strategy to ”whoop ass” on the line. Forgive the bluntness but no other words could represent better. That particular recipe was not on the table at night though. Next year I’ll ask for that one. Seems that the New Mexico ladies can hold their own on or off the line. Thanks for sharing. ***

New to them (New Mexico), is the Night Survival Run. I introduced them to this madness after dark (but before libations) and got a good response. As anticipated, they want it next year too. I was also invited to host this event at the Raton Rendezvous in 2006. The 2005 winners were Jessie and Lee, a true wilderness couple, while not married to each other, actually made the gesture of carrying his wounded partner to the next station because of severe bee stings. Yes ~ inacted, but real enough at the time. Their nightime seven station run was a lightning 17:14, all with knife/hawk, bow, two lanterns which by the way were bright, rifles, pistols, compass with headings, charts that directed them into unknown Indian territory, all the while tasking them with memory chores that had to be stored and regurgitated at the right time. Traps, traps, traps........... happily all survived the escape and begged for more.

Honorable mention goes to:
2nd place Tim & Juan 18:36
3rd place Juver & Doug 18:58
4th place Randy & Joel 21:42
5th place Rodger & Arvol 24:54
6th place Myron & Linda 25:58

These brave souls came out to play into a Moonless, cool night to challenge the unknown.

"Bill Luther"

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