Shot Horn
shot horn I always wanted one of those English style shot pouches, but 1 or 1¼ ounces was too heavy a charge for my little 25 gauge. I bought a leather bag with a large valve but the powder valve and spout were too narrow, so the shot bridged and needed to be shaken out. It included a load of shot, so the previous owner may have had the same problem.

I never saw a period shot horn but if it was good for powder and good for rum then it should be good for shot. This is what I came up with. It's what I call a could-a-been. That is period materials and technology but no period prototype known.

The vertical carry was chosen so the weight of the shot sloshing against the stopper would not drive it out. The horn is small enough not to be a heavy load, but holds more than enough for 10 shots. Hunters might be concerned about noise in a horizontal horn alerting game but I have never noticed any noise. Clay pigeons are mostly deaf anyway.

This has worked well for me, improvements are always possible. The lace retaining the stopper breaks easily but the small size prevents a much bigger one. I am considering either a bit of bow string or short chain from dime store jewelry.

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