Rangy Lilís Shooting Bag

This was the first project on which I using the Cross of Lorraine. For me, it has no significant political or religios meanings, although it may well have back in the day. I just just think it looks neat and I have used it on four projects so far. It is almost becoming a family badge.

This bag is made of white buffalo with lots of internal pockets. I would probably sew in a piece or leather to stiffen the too soft front if I had not put in all those pockets. The red garment leather for the cross is full size on the flap and does very well, stiffens it somewhat but still soft and flexable.

The short starter holder shown at right is from a different bag but the same design. I took a bit of half inch brass tube and flared it as wide as the flaring tool allows. Then wraped it in a piece of buckskin and sewed it to the back. The next one will probably get sewed to the side.

Dimensions: 8" Wide 7" High 2" Deep

Across the back, the interior pockets are:
Patch Knife Brass Tool Box Short Starter Powder Flask Powder Measure
Across the front, the interior pockets are:
  Empty Pocket
(for tin of caps)
Brass Box
(for patches)


  • Buffalo is not stiff enough.
  • Across the top front is a shallow full-width pocket intended for quick patch access, but they just got dirty or lost. Don't do that again.

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