Bag/Holster for Flint Pistol

Click on picture for a larger view.

Click on picture for a larger view.

Holsters are not period correct for the fur trade, but this is handy to carry everything needed to the range. The strap doubles as the sides for the bag. There are brass studs on the straps used for a small strap to hold the flap open when at the firing line or loading bench.

The window in the patch knife sheath was left over from some previous (but now forgotten) function, not a knife blade.

I studied this lacing pattern for some time before I figured it out. Turned out to actually be quite simple, down two, up one, repeat. (Ed. note: See Braided Lacing instruction.)

Dimensions: 8" Wide 9" High 2" Deep


  • Use a buckle on the shoulder strap.
  • Originally I planned to use a powder horn on its own strap, but, in practice, a small horn or flask in the bag was more practical. The bag should have been about an inch wider. Lay out everything you want to carry and leave room for a little bit more.

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