Double Pouch Shooting Bag

This has been my every day, general purpose rendezvous shooting bag for years. Now it is the 45 caliber bag and I use Rangy Lilís Bag for .50 caliber and DonDiegoís for.32. This is very handy because all the caliber specific tools and supplies are in one place and with you when you go out.

I used oil tanned leather for this one and it has proven to be an excellent choice as it is very flexable for the weight. I sewed it with artificial sinew using a saddle stich.

The strap has two pockets, one for a powder measure and one for the flintlock priming flask. There is a bit of brass tubing at the bottom of the primer pocket, so the nozzle is not depressed discharging powder. In use I tie a bit of lacing to primer and measure so they can dangle at a length to reach the pan and muzzle.

The first powder horn strap turned out to be too short. The horn needs to be below the bag to be both out of the way for bag access and for a comfortable reach to fill the powder measure. The braid is my own idea. It is a could have been as material and technique are period, but I have seen no actual period example. The two thongs are leather boot laces wrapped around the groove with a simple four strand braid. One strand was threaded though the horn plug and back into the braid leaving a loop to avoid losing the anouther plug again.

Dimensions: 10" Wide 7" High


  • Put a piece of brass tube, bigger than the spout and smaller than the body, in the bottom of the primer pocket to avoid filling the pocket with 4Fg.
  • Be sure to connect the horn plug with a string or chain unless you enjoy makung new ones. Also a good idea for your powder measure.

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