Belt Bag

This was my first try at any leatherwork and was completely unintentional. I bought the bag from Trader Bob because I needed one in a hurry and it was cheap. I found that a belt bag would suit my needs better than a shoulder bag, so I decided to cut the shoulder straps to make belt loops. This required disassembly to access the back for sewing and reassembly. I learned how to make a saddle stitch. Then I decided to bead the flap. This took several years. People would comment, I see you did another inch! Now that it was my every day rondy bag, it was too small, so once again disassembly and reassembly to put in gussets, which I made from the remains of the original shoulder strap. It has since done yeoman service.

Lesson 1

  • Buy what you need in the first place.
  • The long beading needles are for loom work. They break on direct sewing.
  • Bead on buckskin, never again on cowhide.
  • Watch the contrast. The yellow and white blend too well.
  • Stick to one design. The final top diamonds do look better than the bottom. I am the only one who often notices the changes.
  • Bead sizes vary even when nominally the same. Adjust the number of background beads in order to align the pattern beads.


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