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Rocky Ford, Colorado 81067

Something Primitive creates a variety of gourd items. Each gourd is created by Nature with a unique shape, color and size, so each item is individual. These are the natural shapes, not forced by binding or growing in a mold. Photographs show typical pieces, details are different on every single one. Availability of gourd items will change in accord with growing conditions.

All the gourds used are grown and prepared on our family farm in Rocky Ford, Colorado. All of the gourd offerings are created by members of the Lindahl Family.

Custom gourd pieces are available. Write to with your wants and needs.

group of gourd objects A gourd bottle, dipper and wall pocket. In frontier days glass bottles and metal spoons were expensive and scarce. Most cabins had gourds in the garden for making useful items. Even the stopper in the bottle is a kind of gourd called luffa. gourd water bottle
Decorative Gourd Some gourds are just decorated, with no function except providing pleasure to the viewer. Decorative Gourd Decorative Gourd
Water bottle decorated with buffalo. Bottle Historical reenactors will enjoy the period authenticity of useful objects, like this reproduction canteen or an original piece of art in period taste and style like the water jug decorated with a buffalo motif. Canteen
Use of gourds for music goes beyond the familiar rattles in a Cuban band. They form the resonating chamber for both string instruments and drums (right). Drum


Something Primitive is now offering kits. Try your hand with all the materials needed and clear instructions about how to do it all in one package.

The first kit available is this canteen.


  • gourd
  • corn cob stopper
  • leather strapping
  • paraffin wax
  • artificial sinew
  • instructions

All about Gourds

Gourds have been used by humans all over the world and down through the ages. They are divided into three groups. The edible pumpkins and squashes (Cucurbita), the dishrag gourds (Luffa) and the bottle gourds (Lagenaria) that we use to make utensils and decorations. Gourds have been used as utensils, containers, implements, musical instruments, clothing, food and even money.


These are typical prices using the objects illustrated above as examples. Each piece is unique so there will be minor variations in price from one piece to another. Artwork pricing is dependent on time and additional materials.
water bottle with luffa stopper
geometric design decorated gourd
iguana rattle/ art piece
Native American Woman rattle
buffalo water bottle
canteen without strap
canteen with strapping
$26.00 & up,
depending on size.
Drum decorated with turquoise and feathers
temporarily unavailable - check back after harvest
Canteen Kits    

Price of raw gourds based on circumference at the widest point in inches.
up to 5" 5 to 6" 6 to 7" 7 to 8" 8 to 9" 9 to 10" 10 to 11" 11 to 12" 12 to 13" 13 to 14"
$4.00 $4.25 $4.50 $4.75 $5.00 $5.25 $5.50 $5.75 $6.00 $6.25
14 to 15" 15 to 16" 16 to 17" 17 to 18" 18 to 19" 19 to 20" 20 to 21" 21 to 22" 22 to 23" 23 to 24"
$6.50 $6.75 $7.00 $7.25 $7.50 $7.75 $8.00 $8.25 $8.50 $8.75
24 to 25" 25 to 26" 26 to 27" 27 to 28" 28 to 29" 29 to 30"  
$9.00 $9.25 $9.50 $9.75 $15.50 $15.75  
Larger gourds are difficult to grow and most growers, if not professional, rarely grow large gourds. Conditions must be perfect to sustain growth of that size and with a thickness strong enough to be a sturdy functional object. We also cannot guarantee that we will always have the larger gourds for the same reasons. We are at Mother Nature's whim and we thank her for her offerings. Large gourds (30 inches circumference and up) are priced at $5.00 each plus thirty five cents per inch around the widest part.
Gourd preparation
(scraping, soaking, and drying)
  Packing Shipping
Normal $2.00    
Large $3.50

Price Basis

Normal gourds (up to 29 inches circumference) are priced at $3.00 each plus twenty five cents per inch around the widest part. Large gourds (30 inches circumference and up) are priced at $5.00 each plus thirty five cents per inch around the widest part. Scraping and soaking adds an additional $2.00 (small) or $3.50 (large). As an example, a gourd about 15 inches around would cost $3 plus 3.75 (15 x .25) or $6.75 "as is". Another, 35½ inches around, might be $5 (for large gourd) plus $12.25 (35 x .35) plus $3.50 for scraping and soaking or $20.75 total. Artwork varies with the time and additional materials required. If an order is received for 24" and we don't have a 24 to 25 inch available it will be filled with the next bigger at a 24" price OR the next smaller at actual price. Please specify your preference. It all cases, large gourds will be priced based on actual size.

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