The Stock Doctor


Experienced and specialized broken stock repair work of all types Over 30 years of experience. The only work we do. You can see our work in several gun museums.

Costs are very reasonable.

Hepburn, before and after
By retaining the original stock , you will retain a much higher value over a new stock and cost much less. Most of our work is not detectable.. We use only epoxy, and many threaded steel pins. Guaranteed stronger than new. New wood inserts where required.
Belgian double, inserts Belgian double, complete
Belgian Double


Mule Ear Old English hand rubbed oil refinishing also available, flat, semi gloss, high gloss, fully filled . Flats will be flat, edges are sharp, and no rounded off edges. We use a special clear sealer that is very tough and brings out grain patterns you never knew were there.

Photos and testimonials available.

Contact: Bob Fulton
Box 1843
Glenrock, Wy 82637

Sharps, before and after

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