Rocky Mountain College Rendezvous 2005
Trader Guidelines

Changes: There are changes in this year’s Guidelines. Please read through completely. Please direct questions to: Ray “Padre’” Glazner, Trade Committee Chairman. Thank you.

Fire Contingency: Because of Colorado’s fire situation, all must consider the possibility of a Fire Ban at the CRØ5 site. If a Fire Ban is in effect, only Gas (propane) or Coleman-style stoves with a Positive shut-Off will be permitted in Camp. Please prepare accordingly. We will make every possible effort to keep all informed if this comes to pass. (See page 5)

Early Arrival: No early setup will be allowed prior to Friday, 5 August. unless approved by the Booshway. Pre-Registered Traders will be given priority and be allowed to setup first on Friday. Check-in will take place from 9:AM through 3:PM. Only after 3:PM, will other Traders coming to Rendezvous will be allowed to check-in and setup.

Long Term Trading: All Long Term Traders, arriving before 7:PM on Wednesday, are expected to remain in Camp until Sunday, 14 August. All others are Short Term Traders.

Unload: On Friday, 5 August, vehicles may remain in Camp until unloaded at Trader’s convenience. From Saturday 6 August through Wednesday 10 August, Traders will be given 2 hours to unload. All vehicles must then be moved to the Long Term parking area. Please plan accordingly.

Re-Supply: Saturday through Wednesday, Traders will be allowed only a 30-minute period to unload from their vehicles to re-supply only from 10:AM to 3:PM. Then vehicles must be moved to the Long Term parking area. Thursday through Saturday, re-supply must be carried by hand or moved on hand carts from Primitive Camp boundary to Trader’s tent Please plan accordingly.

Check-out: No vehicles, except for the Hooter Truck, are allowed in Trader’s Row from 7:PM on Wednesday through 8:AM Sunday morning. Real and verified emergencies are exempt.

Short Term Trading: Short Term Trading will be allowed for those who arrive after 7:PM on Wednesday, 11 August or will leave prior to 12:Noon on Saturday, 14 August. All Short-Term Trading arrangements must be made with the Booshway prior to 19 July 2005. Blanket Traders are exempt.

Blanket Traders: Blanket Traders will display their goods on the ground. They may put up a small sunshade. Trader Rules apply Blanket and Full Traders equally. Blanket Traders will be charged the same as Full Traders.

Any Trader checking out before 8:AM Sunday morning will forfeit their camp deposit. Please plan accordingly.

Handicapped Traders: Arrangements for Handicapped Trading must be made with the Booshway prior to 19 July 2005. No exceptions.

Trading will be done only in the area designated for Trader’s Row. Trading is prohibited in the Parking, Modern Camp and Primitive Camp areas outside of Trader’s Row.

Space Assignments: Traders will be assigned an area to setup in and no person shall setup without a space assignment. No exceptions. Questions on space assignments should be referred to the Trade Cmt. Chairman.

Classes: Some Traders have expressed an interest to teach classes. If you care to hold a class, please indicate your interest on the orange sign-up form. Use the back of the form if needed. You will be contacted by the CRØ5 Class co-ordinator.

Also, if you wish to volunteer for Dog Soldier, helping to run the Rifle Range (& qualified), or other in-Camp services, your efforts will be much appreciated. Please note your interest on the Registration Form.

Fun: The Booshway & Segundo are planning several fun events. Some may "happen on-the-fly." If you have plans for a fun thing to do, let us know so’s we can get the word out. If we know by 1 July 2005, we can include your fun event in the Camp Handbook!!

General: Please make every effort possible to represent Traders of 1840 or earlier. The Public and Re-Enactors as authentic representations look upon the items you sell. It is vital that we maintain the highest standards at RMCR; this is where we come to learn. All items in a trade shelter must be original or authentic reproductions of trade goods to North America during the 1640 through 1840 time period. Any items not keeping with the theme of this event are prohibited. Please do not forsake your impression for a profit. Just because an item is made of correct materials does not necessarily make it correct. The Trade Cmte. will make themselves known to all Traders upon setup and will inspect all items for sale throughout the Rendezvous. The burden of proof on any items questioned by the Trade Cmte., Booshway or Segundo is the responsibility of the Trader. (Decisions made by the same on questioned items are final.) If you are not sure, please ask. Just because a guideline is not written does not mean it is acceptable or will not be enforced. If you are asked to remove an item and do not comply, you will be asked to leave the Rendezvous. Please don’t arrive with the idea of "how much I can get away with", but how much can you contribute to the spirit of Rendezvous.

No post 1840 firearms or supplies: Items that require modern packaging or containers for safety reasons (i.e. gunpowder or solvents) must be stored out of sight at all times.

Items for sale must be displayed in proper period containers. Do not use self-sticking tags of any kind or color. Use of canvas or circa material tied with string or sinew is encouraged. All items on display MUST have protective covers removed. Modern book covers are exempt. Stock items stored in modern containers must be stored out of sight (blankets and patterns are good examples).

Jewelry items should be constructed of traditional materials and reflect the Fur Trade era. No "set" turquoise jewelry. Raw nuggets are OK.

Artwork must relate to the era and may only be sold by the artist only. Frames and displays must comply with all rules (Rev 15Jan05)

Prohibited items: Include, but not limited to: Plastic goods, iridescent feathers, t-shirts, posters, feather hat bands, imitation woven horsehair hat bands and straps, ceramic figurines, novelty mugs, lamps, wind chimes, crystal balls, dyed rabbit feet and key chains, stainless steel items, plastic/laminated knife handles, synthetic fabrics, yarns, lace (as garments or by-the-yard), plastic buttons, contempory "Native American or Buckskinner motif", arts, crafts or jewelry (dream catchers, mandalas, etc.) and other "questionable" swap meet items.

Absolutely NO goods listed as "Illegal" under State and Federal fish & game, Federal Wildlife rules or Firearms laws will be allowed.

Pre-1840 clothing and trade tents or blankets are required for all Traders. Period clothing is required for all people in the Primitive Camp area after 6:PM each day. If you are asked to correct an item and do not comply, you will be asked to leave the Rendezvous.

Food Vendors:

  1. Paper containers (cups, bowls, plates) only. No plastic or Styrofoam.
  2. Please use period containers for condiments.
  3. No plastic tablecloths.
  4. No modern pre-wrapped (Snickers, Milky Way, etc.) candy.
  5. No modern beverages in cans. Beverages must be poured and sold in paper cup or poured into a personal metal/wooden/ceramic cup or glass.
  6. Fire Extinguishers are REQUIRED for cooking vendors.
  7. Keep food as "authentic" as possible.
  8. Food vendors are required to supply trash containers and to keep their areas clean. All Food Vendors are responsible for removing their trash at the end of Rendezvous. Vendors may utilize the In-Camp Dumpster while in Camp or pack out their trash when you leave Camp.

Body Count: Please notice that the Trader Fee includes 1 person. Names of additional people with you or those who will arrive later must be included on the Trader Pre-Registration form, otherwise, late arrivals will be required to pay a separate Trader Fee (if trading) plus a camping Fee. Please send separate check for Camp Deposits. Please pay additional camp fees at check-in. Pre-registrations must be received by 1 July 2005.

Advertising: We will also be selling Advertising space in the 2005 Camp Handbook. If you wish to place an Ad, send your camera-ready copy in along with your Pre-Registration form. Prices: Business Card size $10.00, ½ Page $20.00, Full-Page $40.00. If you need assistance putting an Ad together (no additional charge), contact “Smoke Talker” (listed below). Please send a separate check/money order for your Ad. Questions regarding Handbook Advertising should be directed to: Duke “Smoke Talker” Paulsen, (720) 540-7698 from 7:PM to 9:PM (MT) Colorado time or E-Mail address Early setup for pre-registered Traders only is Friday, 5 August. Please direct Registration questions to “Irish Lace” using the same contact info. Send completed pre-registration form to: “Irish Lace” CRØ5 Registration, 2881 West 65th Avenue, Denver, CO 80221. Trader Pre-Registration forms must be received by 1 July 2005 to be processed in a timely manner.

All checks and Money Orders should be made payable to “CSMLA”.

Fire Reports: Starting with CRØØ and CRØ1 Rendezvous (CRØ2 was cancelled), Fire Reports were sent out via E-Mail during the early to middle part of July to enable better planning. This practice will be done again this year only for those with a valid E-Mail address. If you don’t have access to E-mail, make arrangements with a friend or relative who does have access that you can keep in touch with regularly. Make sure the e-mail address gets to to be included on the Fire Reports list. A copy of the Fire Report will be posted at

Thank you all for participating in the Rocky Mountain College Rendezvous 2005 and having the desire to keep the SPIRIT of Rendezvous alive. If you have any questions, please contact:

Trade Cmte. Chairman, Ray “Padre” Glazner, 903 Parcher Street, Wausau, Wisconsin 54403 or phone (715) 849-1840 or E-Mail to:

Ray “Padre’ ” Glazner Trade Committee Chairman CRØ5 Linda “Irish Lace” Paulsen Registration CRØ5

Steve “Coyote” Farrington Booshway CRØ5

Duke “Smoke Talker” Paulsen Segundo CRØ5

(Rev 15Jan05)
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