Mató's Potlatch

At Rocky Mountain College Rendezvous, 2005

The biggest highlight this year was MatO's Council Fire. In honor of MatO's Mom, Dorothy "Monnionietia" Lanning, he held a feast in the way of the Cree People before Council Fire began. MatO had asked his son Mark Cardinal, Joseph Winterhawk and "Smoke Talker" to speak briefly before the partaking of 2 cauldrons of "No Powder's" stew.

2005 marked the last year that MatO would be Trading and after he pulled his Trading tables down for the last time, all his remaining merchandise went on a large Trade Blanket after the Council Fire. MatO laid out a Trade Blanket for all present to either trade or leave money for what they took from the blanket. As is the Cree way, what was raised was given to those in need. MatO chose the Henry Family (of Hungry Henry's Eatery) as the ones in need.

Even after the Council Fire, the music, the dancing and happy chivalry ran well into the late hours. MatO broke out an apron and called out the dancers one by one for the Apron Dance. Some came willingly, others ran like frightened sheep. All were had by a wonderful time.



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