Duke “Smoke Talker” Paulsen

On the last day of RMCR 2005, a TV crew led by Producer and Director Lee Fairchild, wanted to see what a Fur Trade Era Rondezvous was all about. “It’s about the people,” says Lee, “who have come to re-create with sincerity what such an event was like way back then.”

The crew set about their work that bright and clear Saturday morning. Aiming both camera and microphone with a shooter’s precision. Yet, even though most serious in their work, the crew had as much fun as a ‘Skinner in Rowdy Camp.

Ron Cruck, a host for “HDNet Across America,” interviewed several people throughout the day in Camp. Jim Fox-2004 Booshway on the types of rifles used in the 1830’s. Steve “Coyote” Farrington-2004 Segundo explaining the history of Rendezvous. Linda “Irish Lace” Paulsen on her class teaching and dealing with the weather in the middle of nowhere.

shooting a scene
Irish Lace (far right) interviewed for "HDNet Across America."
Jack Stone and Company explaining the cannon demonstrations and many others whose names escape me just now.

shooting a scene
Taping of the Cannon Firing Drill for "HDNet Across America."

Before lunch, a stunt was arranged where several ‘Skinners, disliking the “flatlander” clothes host Ron Cruck was wearing, would “kidnap” the host and haul him off to Michele Hoffman’s “Sew-It-Seams” tent. As Rick is talking to the camera, he’s surrounded by several ‘Skinners looking at and touching his clothes. Steve “Coyote” Farrington then yells, “let’s dress him up!” and eight ‘Skinners haul Rick away. (We had waaay too much fun doing this stunt!) Rick then hosted the remainder of the show in proper Rendezvous clothing.

Later, I talked with Ron and asked him for his impressions of College Rendezvous. “I’m amazed,” says Rick, “to see how much and how sincere everyone here is about Rendezvous and everything that people put into it. Even the stunt we did this morning shows me how much fun you can have out here.”

shooting a scene
‘Gator and “The Judge” (foreground) making “fightin’ words” for the camera.

The theme of “HDNet Across America” is about what people do for recreation while on vacation or long weekends.

Since the show is shot in HDTV (High Definition TV), it can only be seen on HDTV channels. HDNet can be viewed at most Soundtrack and other stores that sell HDTV along the Front Range. HDNet is also available on Dish Network and DirecTV which do provide HDTV channels. Check with your signal provider or use this Web link, http://hd.net/op_acrossamerica.html for current schedule.

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