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This site is no longer a commercial venture and has suffered from neglect for a while. I am started a major renovation and it is now a highly personal hobby page. I will not attempt to maintain a calendar, but will provide links to events or clubs. All technical information will remain and hopefully be expanded.

Muzzleloading 101

An on-going project is Muzzleloading 101. Originally it was to be a one page to hand out titled "What's in the Bag" and was suggested by that very question by a young man at the muzzleloading range at Whittington Center. Like Topsy, it "just growed".


Rendezvous is often described as a reenactment of the fur trade era but I must disagree. Reenactments, typically military, are quite exact. The reenactor portrays a real historical figure as accurately as possible. Uniforms and equipment are recreated exactly. The portrayal of history is wonderful and frequently spectacular. Often it is considered public education by the participants, nearly all of whom are history buffs. Shooting comprtitions require vetted reproductions of military guns of the era.

Redezvous is an experiance. Participants are themselves (or a created alter ego) living in the era. The intensity varies a lot, but modern is not visable. Most common item is an ice chest for food and drink, but it is expected to be covered or hidden so as not to spoil the view. In the west the focus is fur trade era 1820 to 1840. In the east the focus is more colonial and early federal era, especially the long hunters.

Several years back, I wrote a description of rendezvous explaining our hobby to family and friends. See College 2004 for a simple introduction.

Leather Accessories

Let's start with some personal projects. I make my own shooting bags and gun cases, mostly out of commercially tanned cow, deer or elk. I have yet to make one to my total satisfaction, although all have been serviceable. I kept notes on possible improvements called my Lessons Learned notes. I would like to share these with you. Click on the picture to read all about it.

The Saga of the Jinx Gun

Read about the Jinx Gun, the most accurate muzzleloader I have ever shot and how it would sabotage me at every opportunity.

The current political situation requires constant vigilance and your active participation. Write to your senators and representative about gun issues frequently. A post card is enough. Financially support your choice of gun lobby group(s).

Please visit Cap'n Ball's Gun Control Links.

Attention Skinners
Don't forget, the anti-gun crowd has already started talking about closing the "muzzleloader loophole".

No guns of any kind, even old replica guns are acceptable. No swords or deadly knives can be permitted. Bill Clinton

Selected Quotes About Government Arms Control

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